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Your dream career starts here.

Thinking of a career change? Not sure what direction to turn? I’m here to help you think it out and uncover the things you value most in a job.

Need help finding your next role? How to network effectively to put your best foot forward? I’ll work with you until we discover your next best steps and help you make a plan to get there in your next role and beyond.

Not sure how to tell your story in an interview? We’ll practice your career narrative together and you'll build the confidence needed to stand out.​


My goal is not only to help clients get “unstuck,” but to empower, encourage, and assist in their career transformation.


Dr. Meryl Kanner, PhD

One of the most critical aspects of my job is offering a safe, positive and encouraging place to express their feelings and providing practical advice for managing one’s career. My biggest goal is caring and helping, where I delight in making a difference in someone’s life.


With deep expertise as a versatile clinician, I guide clients in handling the spectrum of transition issues including exploring careers, setting career goals, dealing with the stress, advising in decision making, and even helping with life transitions.


All the ways I can help

Career Counseling

Uncover your why, and discover the work you want to do most by focusing on real world opportunities.

Job Hunting Tactics

Learn the most effective techniques to navigate your job hunt in corporate America and be armed with an approach to get past the front door.

Coaching & Accountability

Together, we’ll set realistic goals and make a plan to get there. I’ll keep up with you on progress and work with you to stay committed to achieving what’s possible.

What should I expect during my free introductory session?

This low-key 30-minute introductory session is aimed at exploring who and where you are and what you want to discover with the support of a coach. The goal is to help me understand your current needs and what you hope to achieve.  It will also be your opportunity to learn more about my counseling/coaching process and set clear expectations.  Based on this conversation, we will determine how many sessions you might need to reach your goals.

Who do your services work best for?

Navigating your career is a lifelong process (until you retire, and sometimes beyond). I work with clients of all types - from students just entering the workforce, to junior/mid level employees looking to transition careers, and seasoned employees entering the final chapter of their workforce journey.

Why is KCS right for me?

Let’s get to know each other on the intro call and then you can decide. My 15+ years of experience working in Career Counseling at a non-profit have given me the breadth and depth of experience to be of service to people with all needs, including those who are unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed and battling even the most challenging of circumstances. 

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